Tested for the sake of safety

You shall be able to trust that Ciggrid works like it’s supposed to. This is why the product has been through some tough tests at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) – with excellent results. Ciggrid will not catch fire, and it will not cause any other damage to your clothes or your bag. This also makes it perfectly alright to toss Ciggrid in the trash can. You do not need to worry about any risk of fire.

Download Fire test (PDF in Swedish)

… but – another product made of plastic and aluminum?


Don’t worry: when used correctly both plastic and aluminum are great materials for preventing toxic chemicals from leaking out into our waters.

Download Environmental Report (PDF)


For those who like to smoke

  • Ciggrid won’t smell in your pocket or your bag.
  • Toss it straight into the trash can, no need for emptying or cleaning the bag.
  • Ciggrid takes up little space, it holds 3 to 4 cigarette butts and fits under the plastic cover on your cigarette pack.

For those with smoking visitors

  • Ciggrid makes sure the butts end up where they belong: in the trash can.
  • No need to spend time, money and worries on cleaning up cigarette butts from the sidewalk.
  • You make a fine effort – both for our environment and for a more pleasant outdoor environment.


  • Ciggrid is made from materials that prevents you from burning yourself when you put a burning cigarette butt into it.
  • Ciggrid is easy to open and easy to close.
  • The material holds a ”memory” that makes Ciggrid easy to close by twisting the top of the bag a few turns. No tape needed.
  • This “memory” keeps Ciggrid shut and minimizes the smell. You can safely keep Ciggrid in your bag or your pocket. The lack of oxygen in Ciggrid makes the butt go out quickly.
  • Ciggrid can easily be kept under the plastic cover on your cigarette pack.
  • A used Ciggrid is sorted as household waste and goes to incineration.
  • Ciggrid can offer space for printing your own logo.
  • Ciggrid is a Swedish product, manufactured in Sweden.