No ashtray in sight? Use Ciggrid

Research shows that if there are more than 10 steps to an ashtray or a trash can*, the smokers usually put out their cigarettes on the ground. This is where Ciggrid steps in. The idea behind Ciggrid is to make it easy to do the right thing. When you’re out and about and there’s no ashtray in sight: just put your cigarette butt in the fireproof bag and twist the top a few turns to seal it shut. Then, just place Ciggrid in your pocket until the next trash can comes along. No risk, no smell, no littering.

Thank you for helping us make our world a bit better. One butt at the time.

Ciggrid can be found for free at selected businesses, like cafés and restaurants. E-mail us for more information. Ciggrid is also available for purchase at Håll Sverige Rent or by sending us an e-mail.

Feel free to give your favorite place a tip about Ciggrid, if they haven’t found us yet.

*Source: “Beteenden bakom nedskräpning 2018” a report from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Smoking customers or guests? Treat them to a Ciggrid – you’ll be doing a favor for yourself and for our environment

Doing the right thing should be easy. This is why we wish to offer Ciggrid as an easy alternative for restaurants, offices, hospitals, municipalities and property owners – in short: any kind of business who is tired of cleaning up cigarette butts. Ciggrid is sold in a box containing 100 bags, put it on display and let your smoking visitors help themselves when they go out into the street to have a cigarette. You can also get the opportunity to print your own logo on Ciggrid – a great way to show that you are making an effort, both for our environment and for a more pleasant outdoor environment.


Large costs and serious consequences

Cigarette butts are a sad and expensive story. They are guilty of large costs connected to cleaning up our cities. There are also studies that show how garbage breeds garbage. This means that places that are already littered suffer from more problems such as unwanted graffiti, vandalism – yes, even increased crime. In addition, many fires start with a carelessly discarded cigarette butt, a problem with serious consequences.


Who pays for the littering?

Today, the responsibility and costs for cleaning up all these cigarette butts usually falls on the organization responsible for a certain area. In Sweden, this means either the municipality, a property owner or the Swedish Transport Administration. As of yet, there are no complete figures for the whole country, but all parties agree that the costs are huge. Our wish is that more organizations buy Ciggrid and distribute them to their smoking visitors. The money saved on cleaning up is probably enough for both more ashtrays and trash cans.


A small cost with great environmental benefits

In the future, we all need to carry the costs of our littered planet. Smokers who put out their cigarettes in ashtrays, or use Ciggrid, are already acting responsibly.

That means: Clean streets – Cleaner sea.